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The joy of the comedy traffic sign

Nothing is more guaranteed to ruin your day than a terrible commute into work. The trials and tribulations of your trip in can really have an effect on your mood and if you’re consistently having a nightmare getting in, then it can really get you down.

However there are ways to make the journey to your job a little less stressful. Top of the list, to turn around your travel experiences, is to invest in a new car. Keep an eye on the latest new car deals on offer to get something more comfortable for your commute, like something from the Cooper MINI collection. If your budget won’t stretch to a brand new motor, then simply take to staring out the window, there are everyday elements of your commute that are guaranteed to lift your mood. The ultimate roadside people-pleaser is the comedy traffic sign, so keep your eyes peeled for something similar to one of the following side splitters to help turn your frown upside down:

Outrageously inaccurate information
These baffling signs can be seen wherever you’re trying to get to. Whether its signs positioned next to each other giving you completely conflicting information or it’s the broken sign on the motorway where half the wording has failed to illuminate. One way traffic signs that point in both directions are also a favourite as are weather-worn signs that seem to point straight up. Take comfort in these everyday blunders, they’ll keep you feeling chipper all the way to work.

Toad trouble
It might be puerile, but happening upon the hazard sign depicting our favourite hopping friend can often end in fits of laughter. We all know deep down they are there to protect frogs and toads from careless cars but if you’re travelling with a particularly gullible companion, it’s great to try and convince them that there’s a toad-shaped threat just up ahead!

Sign not in use
This pointless sign guarantees a smile.

Mind the moose
It’s unlikely you’ll spot this spectacularly funny sign in the UK. But if you find yourself in the US on business, this baby is bound to make you chuckle. Here at home, the nearest you’ll get is the “watch out for the deer” warning; but this could still raise a chortle if you commit the moose alternative to memory.

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