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Best, Worst Cities for Road Rage

For the first time in four years, New York has unseated Miami to claim the title as the worst city in the U.S. for road rage.

According to the fourth annual In Driver’s Seat Road Rage Survey, New York moved from its No. 3 position last year to claim the No. 1 spot this time around.  

Rounding out the five worst cities for road rage?
• Dallas/Fort Worth
• Detroit
• Atlanta
• Minneapolis/St. Paul

The survey also named a new city as the most courteous: Portland, Oregon, which is followed by Cleveland, Baltimore, Sacramento and Pittsburgh.

To boost safety awareness, this year’s survey sought to define road rage in America. Responses overwhelmingly pointed to two important attributes:

• Angry drivers, including drivers who overreact and lose their tempers
• Aggressive driving, including cutting into lanes, tailgating, speeding and honking
• When asked the major causes of road rage, the most frequent responses were:
• Bad/careless driving, such as cutting others off, speeding, tailgating, talking on cell phones, making obscene gestures and not using proper signals
• People who are angry, stressed, frustrated, tired or had a bad day
• People being in a hurry, impatient or running late
• Traffic problems, accidents, poor road conditions or construction
• Inconsiderate, disrespectful, selfish drivers who think they own the road

Behaviors by other drivers that cause stress for commuters and can lead to road rage include:

• Drivers who talk on their cell phones (84 percent see this every day)
• Driving too fast (58 percent)
• Tailgating (53 percent)
• Drivers eating or drinking while driving (48 percent)
• Texting or e-mailing while driving (37 percent)

Commuters also reported other drivers frequently:

• Cutting over without notice (43 percent see this every day)
• Doing other things – putting on makeup, shaving or reading behind the wheel (27 percent)
• Slamming on the brakes (25 percent)
• Running red lights (22 percent)

As a reaction to rude or bad driving by others, people surveyed admitted that they:

• Honk their horn at the offending driver (43 percent admit doing this every month)
• Curse at the other driver (36 percent)
• Wave their fist or arms (13 percent)
• Make an obscene gesture (10 percent)
• Call the police to report the driver (7 percent)
• Slam into the car in front of them (1 percent)

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