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How to Decorate a Wedding Car

Getting married?  Maybe you know someone who is and you’ve been assigned to the decorating committee?  What was once a task specifically given to the Best Man has been taken over by almost anyone who wants to get in on the fun.

Traditionally, the bride and groom didn’t decorate their own wedding transportation, but these days, the wedding couple enjoy getting in on the act and having some say over what the car will actually look like and if not, they trust that someone will have some common sense and decorate the car with a little dignity after all, everybody is going to see it, eventually.  No self-discriminating bride and groom would want great aunt Martha to walk out of the church only to find her minutes later, staring, open-mouthed at a wedding car that has been decorated from bumper to bumper with foil condom wrappers and the words, Run! It’s Not Too Late! scrawled in bold letters across the hood.

No. No.  That certainly will not do.

Below are some tips to help the bride and groom (and anyone on the decorating committee) do it up right:

• If you’re renting a limo or a classic car, chances are scrawling, Just Married! all over the windshield and hood probably isn’t a good idea.  When renting a limo (or any kind of car for that matter), take note that the rental company may frown on using some form of decorative material of your own and may instead provide decorations for you to use instead.

• Use liquid chalk or window markers, which can be purchased at any craft supply store or online.

• Purchase vinyl window clings that come with sentiments such as Just Married! or that are in the shape of hearts, bells, etc.

• Remember not to obstruct the view from the windshield with writing or ornaments.

• Purchase ribbon to tie real or silk flowers and balloons.

• Tying empty beer cans and/or shoes to the bumper with heavy duty string or lightweight rope is always a classic. 

• Purchase a car decorating kit, which comes with things such as a window marker, vinyl clings, balloons, crepe paper wedding bells, streamers, pom-poms and string.  You can buy kits at almost any local craft store or online.

• Although it’s almost irresistible, don’t use confetti and/or glitter on the interior of the vehicle it’s a real mess to clean up and you’ll be finding it in your seat and on your clothes well into your third wedding anniversary.

• Buy specialty license plates that say, Just Married.  These can be fastened below your regular license plate if your state requires you to have both a front and back plate.  You can also purchase license plate covers, which are made of heavy white cardstock; they can cover the plate or be fastened below regular license plates, too. These are available at craft stores and online.

• Purchase shapes made out of corrugated cardboard such as hearts and horseshoes, and decorate with miniature pom-poms in your wedding colors.  Secure to the vehicle with heavy duty magnets.  These can be found online or at craft stores.

• Buy monogrammed window clings to add a sophisticated, personal touch.

• Buy a Just Married! window banner for the back window, which can be easily removed later.

Do Cars for Girls readers have more decorating tips or ideas?  Share ‘em in the comments!

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  1. These are such cute ideas!
    I will definately remember these when my friends get married, or me!!

  2. Some great ideas there, just wish I knew of someone getting married to use them on, thanks for the post.


  4. Awesome ideas! love it! I wish i would get a man! :(

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