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New Car Fuel Economy: 27 New Cars Rated at 40 mpg or Better

The majority of new-car shoppers say gas prices are having a greater effect on their vehicle consideration, and they expect gas prices to continue to rise, according to a recent Consumer Sentiment study of among new-car shoppers on KBB.

With the economy at a near-standstill and gas prices through the roof, many consumers want a new ride that won’t empty their wallets at the gas pump.  For the millions of car shoppers focused on fuel economy, Kelley Blue Book’s has created a list of 27 new cars that are all rated at 40 mpg or better.  With options including electric, hybrid, diesel, and even good old-fashioned gasoline-powered vehicles, this list is the perfect place to start for car shoppers looking for a new fuel sipper.  Highlights include:

  • There are 27 new cars that return 40 mpg or more – city or highway – and ranks them by combined fuel economy according to the most fuel-efficient version of each model.
  • Choices begin priced as low as $13,320, and top out at the equivalent of more than 100 mpg.
  • From roomy sedans to compact hatchbacks to alternative-energy vehicles, the sheer variety of new vehicles returning great fuel economy numbers may come as a surprise to car shoppers.
  • Vehicles featured on the list include American, European, Japanese and Korean makes, including both luxury and non-luxury vehicles.

To see all 27 Cars Rated at 40 mpg or Better, including fuel economy and trusted Kelley Blue Book pricing information, editorial commentary about each car and more, click here.

Source Kelley Blue Book

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  1. An impressive mileage is being targeted and achieved by more cars these days. Gas-powered cars are left no where behind, midst all the competition. A list of the worst fuel economic cars has also been listed at . Now that the prices are shooting up, it is wise of the car makers to think more along these lines and give the users more efficient products. To borrow a line from Uno Car Dealers, “A car that’s well maintained and in a good condition is more likely to be sold off” . That page ( ) is already giving me a second thought on things I should keep in mind to see that my car stays good enough when I think of selling it :) Speaking of the fuel. The sooner someone finds more cheaper and feasible alternatives, the luckier I shall consider myself!

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