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Hybrid/Green Vehicles

A hybrid, or “green”  vehicle is one that is significantly less harmful to the environment than conventional gasoline powered vehicles.  Information on hybrid, fuel cell and other green vehicles may be found at the following websites:

Auto Donations

Would you like to donate your car to charity?  Do you have questions about the process or need information on car donation programs in your local area?  The following links will steer you in the right direction:

Travel – Route/Trip Planning

Planning a car trip? Need travel information, maps or fuel cost estimation for your destination?  Are you looking for a romantic get-away, fun and education places the kids will enjoy, lodging, pet friendly places or roadside attractions? Check out the following websites, which can help you get from here to there and make magic memories along the way:

Travel – Destinations/Attractions

Travel – with Children

Travel – with Pets

Road Service/Repair

Need road service or just want to be prepared?  These websites can help:


Concerned about safety?  Want to learn more about safety ratings, read reports and discover how your car measures up?  Check out the following websites for full details:

Car Seats


Need an insurance quote?  Want to compare rates? Check out the following sites for recent insurance information:


Visit the following sites for the most up to date information available on recalls:


Considering a lease?  Have questions about the leasing process?  The websites below will help get you on the road to sorting it all out:

Vehicle History Reports

Considering a used car?  Vehicle history reports have become a vital consumer step in the used car marketplace.   Get all the information you need by visiting the following websites:

Local Gasoline and Fuel Prices

Looking for the cheapest price per gallon? The websites below can help you fill up locally for less: