Sales Training – You don’t have to be a Girl and you don’t have to sell Cars…

Selling is an Action – not a theory, mental exercise or a state of mind! It’s fun, it’s lucrative and the skills are transferrable to all kinds of businesses! Start a career or accelerate a career – this 2-day workshop will get you charged up and prepare you to be successful.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Meeting and Greeting
-You’ve got about 4 seconds to get their interest and trust – make the most of it!

–Listening beyond the words. Ask the right questions.

Product demonstration
– Are you in love with what you’re selling? Share information that will create value.

Trial close
– Learn techniques to determine if someone is ready to buy. Finding the path to ” yes”!

– Don’t be afraid to ask for the business.

Soft Sell
– What is it and when is the best time to use it?

– The benefit of creating customers for life. It leads to more business!

This workshop will teach you how to sell… cars, boats, clothes, airplanes, houses, pharmaceuticals, and even services. If it is sellable, you can sell it!

We want you to feel confident and be successful.
Didn’t “get it” the first time? Come back and see me again at no charge – I want you to be successful!

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