Women spend over $30 billion on cars and influence another $60 billion in sales a year, making up half the drivers and accounting for 80% of the car market. Talk about true power. . . . You do the math!

Hilary’s speaking engagements are designed to eliminate the mystery surrounding all aspects of the automobile industry.

Knowledge will empower you to make smart buying decisions. Picture yourself no longer intimidated at even the thought of negotiating the purchase/lease/trade-in of a car. Imagine feeling as comfortable at a car dealership as you feel while shopping at the corner store. Impossible? Absolutely not!

Examples of Hilary’s extensive list of speaking topics:

The Workings of the Car Industry: Inside the Inner Sanctum

  • How to Protect Yourself: What to Look Out For
  • How Supply & Demand Influence Price
  • Don’t Get Your SUV After a Snow Storm
  • “Floor Plan”: What is it and How Does it Affect the Deal?
  • What Do Vehicles Really Cost?
  • The Manufacturer Controls Almost Everything
  • How Can a Dealer Afford to Sell You a Car at Invoice: Explaining “Holdback”

Choosing the Right Car for You

  • Distinguishing Your Wants from Your Needs
  • What Can You Afford?
  • Emotional vs. Economic Budgeting
  • Asking Yourself the Hard Questions
  • What Kind of Buyer Are You? Trade, Payment, Discount, or Difference


  • Why the Best Deal is On a Car in Stock
  • Maintaining Control of Negotiations
  • You Can be Kind and Still Get Up and Leave
  • Learning the Language of Negotiation
  • When is the Best Time to Buy? The 30-Day Race and How to Use it to Your Benefit
  • How a Trade-In Affects the Deal
  • Assuring that all Mandatory Information is Included on the Buyer’s Order

Financing: How the Money Works

  • Understanding Interest Rates and How it Affects Your Monthly Payment
  • Knowing Your Financing Options Before You Arrive
  • When the Manufacturer Reduces the Rate and How to Use That to Your Benefit
  • What is “Conditioned Approval”
  • Verifying the Terms of the Finance Contract Before Signing


  • What is a Lease and How Does it Work
  • Money Down and How it Affects the Lease
  • Other Key Factors that Impact the Lease
  • Key Words and Concepts
  • Lease End Options and Considerations
  • What are the Benefits of Leasing
  • Which Cars are Better to Lease

Used Cars

  • What is Your Used Car Worth
  • Getting Your Used Car Retail Ready
  • How to Sell Your Used Car
  • Writing and Placing the Ad
  • Is Purchasing a Used Car the Right Decision for You
  • What Questions to Ask of the Seller When Buying a Used Car
  • Why a Pre-Purchase Inspection is Essential

Servicing Your Car

  • The Service Manager is Your New Best Friend
  • How to Assure that Your Car is Serviced Properly and in a Timely Manner
  • How to Avoid Being Overcharged
  • How to Complain and to Whom the Complaints Should Be addressed

If there are topics that you are interested in that are not listed above, give Hilary a call. If it involves the car business in any way, Hilary can speak to it and customize a presentation to meet your needs!

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